This content, written by Léo Raimondjean and Papon Vincent, is licensed under a Creative Commons license: CC-BY-SA.

The source code is under a LGPL license.

The sample created by Mathieu Bost, modified by me, is under a CC-BY license.

The pictures inside the samples were made by me, are under the license CC-BY-NC-ND.

The actual version of this content is the v1, and was written in January 2014.

The Saxon HE engine is under the Mozilla Public License v1.0.


The purpose of this converter is to convert a HDOC file, which is a pivot format and which respects a given format created by Stephane Crozat, to a Dokiel[1] ScenariChain archive (which extension is .scar) in order to import it in Scenarichain, with the Dokiel stack.

The converter has to be usable by the web application developed for the HDOC format, but it is as well possible to use it with a shell command with Apache Ant.

The software and tools (and their version) used for the whole converter are :

  • Apache Ant 1.9.2 (you don't need it if you use the web converter)

  • XSLT 2.0 with the Saxon 9 (Home edition) engine (but the engine is provided in the project archive, you don't have to take care of)

  • The DokielGuide 4.0.010 stack for ScenariChain 4.0.5 to use the resulting archive

All the archive are compressed in ZIP format.

For now, the converter can only convert into a PaperGuide archive (not a Webguide).


If you need any information about the tools used :