The aim of the project is to propose:

  • a generic XML schema based on XHTML5 for documentary purpose (Hdoc format);

  • a set of converters to transform document formats from and to Hdoc.


Download and unzip lastest from :

Execution by command line

  1. Open a terminal in a chosen directory named x_to_y.

  2. Read the file for specific instructions, but most converters ask for putting input files in input directory and retrieve results in output directory.

  3. Be sure you have writing rights in the directory.

  4. Launch the conversion using the command line depending on your OS (run.bat or


All converters are under GNU General Public License.

How to obtain a convertible Scenari "scar"

A scar is a Scenari4 content extracted from the workspace.

To obtain a scar that can be converted, following steps have to be respected :

  1. Right click on a convertible Scenari top item (depending on the model, i.e. : Module for Opale, Paper for Optim...)

  2. Select "Exporter une archive", leaving the default option

    • "Inclure le réseau déscendant" checked

    • "Préserver les espaces" unchecked

NB : It is not possible to convert a scar obtained by selecting multiple items, or a folder, except for lexique.

Extracting a Scenari scar (example with Opale)