This section has been written by Cécile Fecherolle. Its content is under a Creative Commons By licence, and joined files (such as code or test files) are under a LGPL licence.

Project presentation

In the NF29 course, the evaluated project subjects have been chosen at the beginning of this semester by each group, and a lot of them are quite similar in their form. Indeed, most subjects consist in creating an automatic converter from one document format to another. In our case, a pivot format has been set (Hdoc) so that we can make conversions such as: Hdoc -> Usual document format or Usual document format -> Hdoc.

The point is to be able to convert easily different documents to other formats by using Hdoc as an intermediate. My subject was to make an Etherpad -> Hdoc converter. Etherpad is a web-based collaborative real-time editor, which allows users to simultaneously edit a text document, and see the other connected viewers/editors. As I was alone on this project, I could also have done an Hdoc -> Etherpad converter, but I didn't have enough time, so I focused on making the Etherpad -> Hdoc

Known limit

The target files obtained do not respect the Hdoc format.