This documentation was written by Charrier Lucas.

This document is available under the terms of the Creative Commons by license, and the downloadable source code is under GPL licence.

Very early version

The converter is still very weak and can give no result depending on HTML source file. Some preliminary results can be observed with this HTML file :

What is html2hdoc ?

Within the context of NF29, a course dealing with documentation engineering we have to work during a half semester on a project using ant and xslt. The aim is to create a library which permit to convert a file in a format to another format. A pivot XML format called "hdoc" has been created within this context. Hdoc is an html like format. Most of the student in the course have to create a converter which convert a common format into hdoc or the contrary. Also this projet aim to convert html file to hdoc file.

Html2hdoc is a library composed of ant, xslt and java files designed to convert HTML files to hdoc format. The main program is a ANT file which then call jar and xslt files.